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  • Liporase Hyaluronidase – 10 vials


    Korea-made Hyaluronidase injectable Liporase breaks down Hyaluronic Acid skin fillers almost immediately. It offers the easiest, safest and most painless way to dissolve this type of cosmetic rejuvenation products when they have been poorly administered or have caused an adverse reaction such as Tyndall effect, lip overfilling, etc. When it is added to a professional-grade lipolysis injection, patients enjoy faster and better fat-melting results.

    Available in the first week of June

  • Neufidence (2 x 1ml)


    Neufidence by Medytox is a soft filler, primarily for injection into shallow skin depressions into the skin of the face. It is an effective and painless method for the removal of superficial wrinkles and skin lines and restoration of the youthful look of the patient’s face. The product is  specially designed for the  removal of less severe nasolabial folds and skin depressions in the lower half of the face with naturally looking and indistinguishable effect.

  • Neufidence Deep (2 x 1ml)


    Neufidence Deep is the bargain offer from Medytox, that does not compromise with quality. Part of a new injectable dermal gel line, this HA filler is primarily intended to deal with moderately deep nasolabial folds and medium depth depressions of the skin into the lower part of the face. It’s also an excellent product for lip enhancement, shaping and contouring the upper lip and adding extra volume or overall augmentations to the patient’s lips.

  • Neufidence Volume (2 x 1ml)


    Neufidence Volume is a double filler package from Meditox, which allows doctors to augment the shape and contour of multiple areas of the face, as well as restore and/or boost the volume of the cheeks, of patients. One box of this sculpting filler allows for performing of extensive facial interventions, including chin augmentation and moderate forms of rhinoplasty, allowing dermatologists and plastic surgeons to offer a more wholesome and extensive service to their patients/customers.

  • Neuramis (Lidocaine) – 1 x 1ml

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    Neuramis Lidocaine is among the best and most effective skin fillers that provide painless correction of shallow and medium wrinkles and minimally-invasive lip enhancement. Now sold by Dermal Cosmetics, this optimized Hyaluronic Acid injection has the ideal elasticity, density, and viscosity to offer durable cosmetic rejuvenation results. It contains lidocaine to provide patients with a more comfortable treatment experience and it will completely dissolve into the soft tissue leaving no harmful substances behind.

  • Neuramis Volume (Lidocaine) – 1 x 1ml


    Neuramis Volume Lidocaine is the most powerful dermal filler injection from Medytox’s Neuramis range. Its quality Hyaluronic Acid gel has a high cross-linking level and it has even undergone a 2-step cross-linking process. That makes this cutting-edge anti-aging product ideal for patient-friendly reduction of saggy skin and deep-to-severe wrinkles and folds. Order it from Derma Cosmetics now because it can also be applied during various facial contouring procedures such as nose reshaping and chin augmentation.

  • Optivisc (1 x 2ml)


    Optivisc is a revolutionary viscosupplement, made using cutting edge Swiss medical technologies, which offer a temporary but highly effective treatment of knee osteoarthritis. A treatment course with this Hyaluronic acid based gel, will restore mobility and reduce the pain and discomfort in the patient’s joint, offering a higher quality of life for up to 6 months. The HA gel is completely safe and is proven to be effective in boosting the condition of the joints.

  • Optivisc M (1 x 2m)


    Treatment of knee osteoarthritis normally involves the usage of strong pharmaceutical products or even surgery. However, with the Optivisc M injectable gel, there is a much less invasive alternative for treatment of mild to moderately severe forms of osteoarthritis. A medical gel, based on Hyaluronic acid derived from bio-fermentation, this form of Optivisc also contains Mannitol – a powerful anti-oxidant, which makes the HA gel more resilient to the body’s metabolism.

  • Optivisc Plus (1 x 2ml)


    Optivisc Plus is a more Hyaluronic Acid rich version of the base Optivisc viscosupplement, with a higher concentration of HA in the gel, of 40mg/2ml. As opposed to surgery, this is a mildly invasive, non-pharmacologic product for the treatment of symptoms typical of Osteoarthritis in the knee joint area – pain, reduced mobility, inflammation and swelling. Once injected, the gel soothes the inflammation and helps with the better lubrication of the joints.