Priere Tulip – Red Lips Filler (1 x 1.1ml)

Priere Tulip – Red Lips Filler (1 x 1.1ml)


Soft, but durable and volumizing – Priere Tulip is an innovative lip filler, with monophasic Hyaluronic acid gel, which guarantees naturally looking volumization and contour of beautiful red lips. The secret is combining low and high molecular weight HA dense lip solution, which offers natural sculpting of full and tulip-colored beautiful lips, with duration of up to 9 months.

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While mixing high density with low density Hyaluronic acid is often associated with skinboosters, the HLD technology utilized in the manufacturing process of Priere Tulip, ensures that the end result gel is simultahneously dense but soft and gentle to the feel. It means that the patient’s red lips are completely indistinguishable for the onlooker. The lip filler allows from subtle touchups and minor adjustments to the lip contour to dramatic and very noticeable (but still naturally appearing) volumization of the upper and lower lip.

However, the visible results are only part of the advantages of the Priere Tulip filler. Extensive laboratory testing has proven that this lip gel lasts longer on average, than the same class of lip fillers and retain its shape over a longer period of time. Additionally, the natural process of dissolving by the enzymes happens at a noticeably slower rate than 20 and 24mg/ml HA fillers.

Prire Tulip’s gel is much more uniform, making it easier and safer to work with, all the while to contributing to the forementioned natural results. In addition, this lip solution is extremely safe and the HLD manufacturing process allows for the free BDDE particles to be below the detectable threshold once the cross-linking of the low density and high density Hyaluronic acid is complete.

Highlights of Priere Tulip

  • Uniform and naturally looking lip enhancement.
  • Easy to work with for both touch-up and dramatic volumizing procedures.
  • No harmful residue and complete biocompatibility.
  • Extended gel durability – Priere Tulip last longer than most lip fillers in its class.
  • Red and full lips – the only filler to truly allow for the natural beauty of lips to stand out.

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