Stylage S (2×0.8ml)

Stylage S (2×0.8ml)


Stylage S is a member of the Classic line of Hyaluronic Acid based injectables of the brand. This is a soft filler with excellent flowability and concentration of the HA of 16mg/ml. Its main purpose is the swift removal and the finest lines and wrinkles on the skin of the face. However, besides a lasting effect of wrinkle removal of an average of 9 months, it also helps skin rejuvenation by introducing the powerful anti-oxidant mannitol in it.

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Stylage S is a solution of doctors that want to effectively deal with fine skin lines and superficial wrinkles of the skin. The HA gel posses all the necessary properties of such a filler, having great elasticity and viscoelasticity, as this is cosmetic product is made using an IPN-like technology. The achieved results are very natural, the filler will neither “leak”, nor form bumps on the skin.

Why Hyaluronic Acid?

Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance with a very important role in the process of skin hydration. It help  the human skin to retain large amounts of moisture. HA fillers like Stylage S will not only “fill” skin lines, but improve the overall health of the patient’s skin. To amplify the beneficial effect of the injectable gel, a key ingredient is included – Mannitol. It’s is a powerful anti-oxidant, which will reverse the negative effects of environmental factors and at the same time boosts the durability of the filler. Once injected, the HA gel will reside in the injected area for up to 9 and even 12 months.

What does the Stylage S box include?

The package is ready for usage and the doctor has everything necessary inside the box:

  • Two pre-filled syringes of filler, 0.8ml each
  • Four single-use, stainless steel needles, with size of 30G½

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