Privacy Policy

General Information

The merchant, henceforth referred to by its brand Dermal Cosmetic, collects, stores and processes user data, following the regulation of the EU General Data Protection Regulation, a.k.a. GDPR.

We gather the information of our site visitors and customers in order to provide the best site usage experience by:

Utilizing the usage of cookies on our website

Collecting and processing information about the user/customer, when they are making a profile or interacting with our company over the phone, chat, email or the contact form.

Dermal Cosmetics stores that information but will never sell it or use it inappropriately. All collected information is gathered solely for bettering the site usage and buying experience.

Privacy Policy

The privacy and security of our customers if a top priority, so Dermal Cosmetics will always handle personal information in adherence to the law, using only the best practices that have been accepted in processing personal details.

Sensitive personal information is only handled by the Dermal Cosmetics team and neither provided, nor sold to a third party, except with the explicit consent from the user or customer. No personal information is gathered by our website unless you specifically provide it by creating an account, filling out the contact form or providing it when contacting us over the phone, email or chat.

All personal information you provide will only be used for the betterment of the service you receive, as well as the fulfillment of any order made by you. Such data can be used by analysis or studies made by Dermal Cosmetics, as part of our effort to improve the user experience. Analysis of such data might include providing it to third party services like Google and its utilization in Google Analytics, more specifically. While data entered in our Google Analytics account does not expire, it is only used for analytical purposes and service improvement, and includes no actual personal information about you – name, address, IP address, email or phone number, but merely site usage patterns and similar user experience information. Dermal Cosmetics DOES NOT have an active Google Remarketing or Advertising Reporting Features operation on our website, nor do we intend on ever activating such features.

The collaboration between Dermal Cosmetics and third parties in regard of personal data processing is only with EU based or adhering to EU law entities/companies. As per § 27, act. 1 of the GDPR, no information may be transferred to a third country unless and substantial level of data protection can be warranted.

IP Address and User Geo-location

The site visitors’ IP addresses are anonymized in Google Analytics, via hiding the last digits of said address, making preventing from viewing the exact location a user is accessing the website from.

Personal data protection

As an EU registered company we are legally obligated to protect and safekeep the personal information of our site’s visitors and customers, maintaining full confidentiality. However, Dermal Cosmetics cannot provide a 100% guarantee that data transmitted to us over the Internet is 100% secure. Electronical data transfer always hold the risk for said data being leaked to third parties. Thus, by using our website, making an order or communicating with us, the visitor/customer is agreeing to such possibility and doing so with full knowledge of personal risks like ID theft, discrimination, potential financial loss, loss of reputation and other possible problems. Should we find out of such data leak, we will immediately inform any affected parties.

Personal data is stored and protected following a carefully tailored internal guide, which includes making regular data backups, in order to prevent potential data loss. Account information and access are well protected.

The internal guidelines for data collection, storage and protection are subject to a constant change, as a result of technological progress, changes in the law and other external factors. Such changes will be duly represented in our website’s Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions.

User Rights

Individuals, as per the norms of the GDPR, have the so-called “right to be forgotten”. You can, at any time, request to have your entire data collected on our website to be completely deleted. Upon receiving such request we are legally obliged to erase all your personal data, with the exception of such we are regally required to maintain.

Site visitor and client data is gathered only after said person has been notified about our usage of cookies and data collection and agreed to this. Client data is stored for the duration of 5 years, after which it is deleted, with the exception of pending cases or other pending order issues.

Personal data storage

Dermal Cosmetics will only store personal details which are relevant to servicing the visitors and customers of the website. Once the 5 year period is user or the data is deemed irrelevant – it is deleted of anonymized.

If you wish to request or remove your data that Dermal Cosmetics has stored for you, you can use the form below:

[contact-form-7 id=”6756″ title=”Data Request”]


Below we will provide users with a relevant information of what cookies are and how our websites uses them to gather, store and process user information. By vising and browsing, you agree to allow Dermal Cosmetics to gather and collect and user information in the manner described in this Privacy Policy.

The cookies used on our website do not contain personal information. You can be neither identified, nor can your computer/tablet/phone, nor other people using that device, using our cookies. The cookies on our website cannot be used to spread malware, computer viruses or other malicious software.

What is a cookie?

If you explicitly agree, when you visit our website, cookies are stored on your device. The cookie file contains a small amount of text and is stored by your browser, helping our website to recognize your device on subsequent visits to the website or to keep data necessary for processing your order (i.e. products you have added to your basket). No personal information is contained inside the cookie.

Cookies are used by almost all websites on the Internet. They help to sustain and analyze the user experience, improving it and ensuring site functionality can operate properly. Certain services, like online stores cannot properly operate without using cookies that store information like user settings, login information, usage statistics.

The expiry of cookies varies – some are deleted as soon as the browser is closed, while others might be stored on the user’s device for an extended period of time. The so-called “persistent cookies” can be renewed with subsequent visits to a website, while session cookies last only for the duration of the current session.

Avoiding cookies

Dermal Cosmetics uses cookies to better analyze the user related statistics. This helps to provide a more individualized and better tailored experience in regard to viewing and using our website, as per the preferences of the specific users. Movement between the different pages of the website is being tracked.

Some of the collected information is forwarded to our Google Analytics account, to be used for site usage statistics and analysis, to help us improve both our marketing efforts and the user experience on the website.

Third Party Cookies also uses third party cookies. This means that visitors of the website will also be subject to using cookies from third parties. Such are primarily used to tracking visitor site usage, like pages that are being browsed and button being clicked and overall site interaction.

We primarily use Google Analytics, a tool provided by Google, that helps us track and analyze user behavior, which helps us improve marketing strategies and user experience.

It is possible, while browsing our website you come into contact with cookies from tried parties such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram. Processing the information from such cookies is done independently by the said 3rd party and should be regulated by a separate agreement between you and said 3rd party.

When you click “Agree” on the cookie consent banner, you accept that our website uses both first and third party cookies and such will be added your browser and used to collect some of your data.

Google Analytics

All data collected with Google Analytics is related to your browsing and shipping activities on our website. We have activated the Remarketing and Advertising Reporting options in our Google Analytics account, which means the data collected using the Analytics cookie can be used to display personalized Google ads. The collected data is anonymous and non-personal and cannot be connected to your person. To stop the tracking – delete the cookies of your browser or stop Google Analytics altogether using the official Google plugin.

Questions and enquires

Feel free to contact us if you have more questions about our Privacy Policy and handling of personal data at:

+1 (323) 266-9827

Data protection authority

Any complaints concerning our handling of your personal data can be addressed to the Data Protection Agency:


Last updated: 18-09-2018