Terms & Conditions

Terms & Condition

These Terms and Conditions lay out the terms of usage, handling of sales and all other aspects of using and purchasing from the website: https://dermalcosmetics.com/. The terms of this agreement, which the visitor or client of the website must fully agree with, will apply to all business relations between the merchant - Georock Desing SRL, noted henceforward in this document with its brand name Dermal Cosmetics or simply the company, and the buyer and/or visitor of this website, henceforth noted as the buyer, the customer, the client or “you”.

It’s strongly recommended to read carefully through these Terms and Conditions, as making an order requires the buyer fully accepts them.

Customer Information

The client making the order bears the full responsibility to provide Dermal Cosmetics with an accurate and up-to-date shipping and billing address, contact information, company information (if applicable) and VAT number (if applicable).

In the case of a client changing the provided information, our team may require a further 24 hours delay, to review the updated information and approve it.

Order Cancellation

Our clients have the right to cancel any order they’ve made, provided the item has not already been shipped.  If the item has been sent out, the rules for returning an item apply.

Prices, taxes, import duties and other fees

If a customer is EU based and is registered for VAT and provide a valid VAT number, then VAT is not applied to the final value of the order made from our website. EU companies, organizations, other entities and individuals that are not VAT except, should contact us prior to making a purchase to discuss if VAT is applicable to their order. If they fail to do so, VAT is automatically added to their order.

Client from outside the EU will no pay VAT, but are responsible of taking care of any local import duties or other fees and taxes related to receiving their purchase.

All prices listed on the website are in EURO.

Payment Methods

Accepted payment methods include credit card, debit card and direct bank transfer. Note that if you pay using a bank transfer, the transaction must be complete before we send the item. Any additional transfer fees or conversion fees are the buyers responsibility.

When paying with card, your information is protected and out team does not have access to your credit or debit card information.

There is an anti-fraud system integrated in the checkout process and in case there is a suspicion of malcontent, Dermal Cosmetics will hold the order processing for further client validation and checking.

Refund Policy

Refunds will be made depending on the payment option chosen by the customer, via issuing a charge back or a bank transfer refund. Shipping expenses will not be included in the refund, for returned items. Items that have not been sent will be refunded in full with shipping fees included. It can take up to a month for the refund to appear on a bank or credit card statement (depending on the payment service provider). In case of a delay, it’s advised to contact the bank or credit card company.

Shipping & Delivery

Please refer to the Shipping & Delivery page. By accepting these Terms & Conditions, you are agreeing to the terms outlaid on the Shipping & Delivery page, as well.

Return Policy

Please refer to the Return Policy page. By accepting these Terms & Conditions, you are agreeing to the terms outlaid on the Return Policy page, as well.

Limitation of Liability

Dermal Cosmetics will not be held accountable and will not pay damages for indirect losses suffered by the buyer or a third party. Such losses include, but are not limited to loss of business opportunities, loss of profit, loss of goodwill, loss of client interest and others, which can legally be constituted as “damages”. Dermal Cosmetics does not consider these “damages” our company’s responsibility and will not compensate any such form of loss.

The liability of Dermal Cosmetics will be limited only to the amount of the purchase made by the buyer. We will only pay an amount that is less or equal to the amount of the customer’s order, regardless what  type of liability is in regard to the specific case, including, but not limited to, negligence (ordinary or gross), strict liability, product liability, etc.


In order to file a complaint or  to contact us regarding any sort of problem in relation to an order they’ve made, our customers can contact us with their complaints, questions or feedback at sales@dermalcosmetics.com or +1 (201) 366-6420.

Choice of Law

These terms and conditions are subject to the laws of Romania and the European Union, except for rules of choice of law and CISG.


Dermal Cosmetics, while trying to maintain as accurate and error free information listed on this website, cannot promise surefire that all visible and accessible content on dermalcosmetics.com is accurate of free of errors at all times, or always up-to-date. Thus, the company retains its right to change or amend the text, image and other forms of content on this website.

While we take care to provide accurate information, printing and typing errors, as well as errors in pricing or shipping rates are possible. Dermal Cosmetics retains the right to make subsequent changes and corrections after an order is made, but only after notifying the customer.

While we take it upon ourselves to maintain the most accurate and best possible text, image, video and other content, errors are still possible and will likely occur occasionally.

Our company holds the right to cancel any order at any time if we determine that the information provided by the buyer in regard to the said order is erroneous or intentionally untrue.

We are free of responsibility for any non-delivery, as a direct result from out-of-stock items or other unforeseen events, such as, but not limited to, failure of delivery as a result of an oversight of our suppliers.

Intellectual property rights

Dermal Cosmetics and our website use both proprietary and freely distributed images. Our goal is to always protect the intellectual property of creators, entities and other third parties and adhere to international copyright protection laws. If you find that text, image, video or other media have been improperly used, are violating your intellectual rights or are improperly/not attributed to their creator – please contact as at sales@dermalcosmetics.com and let us know.

Company Info

Georock Desing SRL
Reg. No: 38115792

Poporului Nr. 36
900178 Constanta, Romania

3705 W Pico Blvd #604
Los Angeles, CA 90019-3451

Tel (US): +1 (323) 266-9827
Tel (UK): +44 (560) 372-8671
Tel (RO): +40 (312) 295-414

Email: sales@dermalcosmetics.com