Aquashine BTX (1x2ml)

Aquashine BTX

Aquashine BTX (1x2ml)


Produced by Revofil and now distributed by Dermal Cosmetics, Aquashine BTX easily ranks among the most advanced Hyaluronic Acid fillers that money can buy. It swiftly improves the appearance of medium to deep wrinkles thanks to the impressive mixture of peptides, minerals, and vitamins which it contains. The firm texture of its gel enables it to also offer durable face sculpting treatment solutions.

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What’s in Aquashine BTX?

  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Biomimetic Peptides
  • Natural moisture factor (Sodium Hyaluronate)
  • Solvent (Water)

Unlike most other professional-grade skin fillers that rely mainly or only on the hydrating and rejuvenating properties of Hyaluronic Acid, this one has invited a few other friends to the party – peptides. Compared to other products from this range, Aquashine BTX boasts the greatest concentration and selection of peptides among which are Decapeptide-3, Oligopeptide-62, Decapeptide-29, and Oligopeptide-24. Because of these VIP guests, this brilliant anti-aging filler injection can:

  • Correct perioral lines
  • Remove nasolabial folds
  • Enhance lips
  • Improve the contour of the face

The areas in which it can be injected feature the décolleté, face and the neck.

Treatment protocol

Aquashine BTX is to be injected and applied only by trained cosmetic surgeons and dermatology experts into the mid to deep dermis. Since this is a non-permanent gel implant which is gradually and fully dissolved by the human organism, it needs to reapplied for the achieved results to be retained. However, follow-up maintenance appointments should be scheduled at an interval with at least 4 weeks from the last treatment. Each injection session with this product should include the use of about 2ml (and not more than 4 ml). Typically, effects after a cosmetic rejuvenation procedure involving this pure dermal filler last for approximately 12 months.

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