Glowing Fill Full Double (2 x 1ml)


Glowing Fill Full Double (2 x 1ml)

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Looking for a time and cost-efficient way to get rid of deep facial wrinkles and folds? Seeking for a painless facial contouring treatment that offers natural-looking enhancement of lips, cheeks, and chin? Glowing Fill Full delivers a full package of powerful anti-aging properties that will visibly smoothen mature skin and provide patients with a low-cost facial augmentation. We, from Dermal Cosmetics, are among the few licensed online retailers handpicked to distribute this second-to-none dermal filler.

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Target areas, effects, and indications

Glowing Fill Full by Glowing Tree is a leading quality soft-tissue filler that has been successfully optimized through a new R-Square Technology to safely reshape different zones of the face and to fill even very severe wrinkles and folds. For that reason, medical clinicians are not recommended to use it in areas where the skin is very thin. Instead, it is to be applied mainly for:

  • Minimally invasive severe fold and wrinkle correction (e.g. smile and marionette lines)
  • Pain-free augmentation of chin
  • Immediate cheek enhancement
  • Long-lasting nose bridge reshaping

Regardless of which of these effective facial sculpting and anti-aging treatments is done with this top-class Hyaluronic Acid filler, patients will instantly notice and feel its effects – their skin will be moisturized, facial depression will be removed and they will enjoy a natural skin glow for a period of several months.

Better control during injection

Most injection procedures are painful but an all-around cosmetic rejuvenation with Glowing Fill Full is 100% painless because this premium-quality skin filler does not only contain lidocaine but it also:

  • Comes with two ultra-thin walled needles crafted in Japan
  • Has a multi-layered phasic structure making it very soft and highly viscoelastic
  • Contains well-hydrated Hyaluronic Acid

That makes it easy to reform, mold and inject which means no pain or discomfort for patients.

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