Profhilo (1 x 2ml)


Profhilo (1 x 2ml)

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Profhilo by IBSA Group is a unique HA dermal filler designed for risk-free bioremodeling treatments. Famous for having the highest concentration of Hyaluronic Acid in its product category, it is incredibly safe and easy to use. Distributed by Dermal Cosmetics, this remarkably effective skin filler injection is also produced with the help of proprietary NAHYCO Hybrid Technique which makes the injectable gel more stable and natural-looking facial remodeling results achieved with it – extremely durable.

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A pioneering bioremodeling HA filler free of BDDE

This fast-selling bioremodeling skin filler by IBSA Group has fantastic facial remodeling and anti-skin laxity properties. That is why it can successfully improve skin’s elasticity and firmness and deliver long-lasting cheek enhancement, neck remodeling, facial contouring, hands rejuvenation and more.

  • HA stabilized without a cross-linking agent to reduce side effects
  • Comes with Terumo needles for an easy and pain-free penetration
  • Has received several prestigious aesthetics awards
  • GMO-free and exceptionally safe

Recommended treatment protocol

Profhilo is to be applied only by trained clinicians in the superficial subcutaneous layer of the face, neck, body, and hands with an injection. For non-surgical facial remodeling and skin restoration treatments focusing on the lower parts of the face (nose, chin, jawlines, etc.), the use of the BAP (Bio Aesthetic Points) Technique is highly recommended as it will deliver a more painless experience for patients. Other target sites can be injected with other injection protocols (e.g. fanning, bolus and more). One treatment with this high-class Hyaluronic Acid filler consists of two sessions. They each need to be performed within an interval of approximately 30 days from the other. The hydrating, lifting, volumizing and bioremodeling effects of this amazing product typically last for about 6 months. Maintenance sessions need to be scheduled by trained practitioners to preserve the treatment’s results.

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