GANA HA Type A (1 x 1.2ml)


GANA HA Type A (1 x 1.2ml)

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GANA HA Type A is the  facial sculpting  filler of the series, specially made to  augment facial features and to help dermatologists to make improvements in such areas as the chin,  nose, cheekbones or the jawline. There are years and research and innovation behind this dermal filler and its innovative technology makes the gel much more resistant to the enzymes and the results much longer lasting. And injection of GANA HA Type A will last from 12 to 18 months, which is up to twice what most thick fillers provide as a result.

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A major advantage of this HA filler is that it combines affordable price, high quality and excellent usability. The box of the product includes a pre-filler syringe with Hyaluronic Acid gel and two injection needles. The doctors can apply the filler immediately after opening the package, without needing any extra equipment.

Regarding application, this is a SUB-Q type of filler – it is injected into the deep subcutaneous layers in order to augment the shape of certain facial features, i.e. the chin, or to boost the natural volume in areas like the cheeks. Deep injection ensures better looking results, no filler flowing or shifting and most important – durability.

GANA HA Type A is one of the fillers on the market with highest concentration of Hyaluronic Acid in the gel – 24mg/ml. This makes the HA gel evne more resistant to the body’s metabolism. However, the innovative technology used to create the filler allows for a relatively small particle  size, making injecting the fillers simple and allowing for precise sculpting of the patient’s facial features.

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