GANA CH (Calcium + HA filler) – 1 x 1ml


GANA CH (Calcium + HA filler) – 1 x 1ml

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GANA CH is one remarkably powerful Hyaluronic Acid filler. It goes beyond the effective reduction of wrinkles and the restoration of volume loss in the face because it also has the impressive ability to encourage the skin to produce more collagen, helping it rejuvenate from the inside. Furthermore, it has an outstanding duration of at least 24 months because its formula also features calcium hydroxyapatite. You can buy this top-notch skin filler from Dermal Cosmetics.

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GANA CH has no disadvantages

Many patients who wish to correct signs of aging such as forehead wrinkles or to enhance the appearance of their chin, often complain that top-rated HA-based fillers do not provide them with long-lasting results. Those who opt for a swift skin rejuvenation treatment with calcium hydroxyapatite, on the other hand, tend to experience side effects such as swelling. GANA CH has neither of these downsides because it has been custom-tailored and optimized to offer only the most beneficial effects of these two biologically compatible polymers or namely:

  • Absolutely no migration
  • Zero adverse effects
  • Unbelievable durability
  • Instant results

An anti-aging treatment with this reliable soft-tissue filler will not even come at the cost of pain because it contains a small dose of lidocaine which plays the role of a local anesthetic. GANA CH is simply a quality cosmetic rejuvenation product crafted with patients’ in mind.

Will there be a need for maintenance injections?

Even though this top-notch skin filler can reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles and deliver low-risk augmentation of nose and chin for 2-3 years, maintenance sessions are required in order for the achieved results to be properly preserved. Just like during the initial procedure, the product is applied in the deep dermis via injection. Pre-treatment skin tests are not required since this gel is proven to be safe.

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