Glowing Fill Half Double (2 x 1ml)


Glowing Fill Half Double (2 x 1ml)

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Launched in 2019, Glowing Fill Half by Glowing Tree is the latest innovation in the field of advanced skin fillers. It focuses specifically on offering painless lip augmentation to patients aged 21 or above. For that, it relies on a resistant yet fully biodegradable cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid and a pioneering multi-layered structure. Order this masterpiece now only from Dermal Cosmetics.

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Newest and hottest dermal filler on the market

One of the trickiest facial areas to correct with professional-grade dermal fillers are without a doubt the lips. They are among the most mobile parts of the human body and, as a result, the risk of sudden gel migration or accidental overfilling during this type of cosmetic rejuvenation procedures is also considerably higher compared to those targeting other areas of the face or the body. Luckily, with Glowing Fill Half, these dangers have been significantly reduced because it will offer a treatment that is:

  • Free of side effects
  • Quick and easy to perform
  • Long-lasting and with a consistent efficacy
  • Affordable
  • Painless

Although this new-generation facial contouring HA-based filler was recently rolled out on the market, it is already on its way to become one of the top-rated skin rejuvenation solutions on Dermal Cosmetics’ vast product catalog.

Special R-Square Technology

Together with the other two optimized filler injections by Glowing Tree, Glowing Fill Half is the only world-class cosmetic rejuvenation product that is based on a proprietary R-Square Technology. The result – an unmatched gel viscosity achieved by using a particle and gel layers. What does that mean for patients? Improved durability and a perfectly natural look. Non-surgical lip enhancement has never been so easy and effective and it is all thanks to this superb Hyaluronic Acid filler.

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