Jalupro (2 amps + 2 vials)


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  • Jalupro (2 amps + 2 vials)

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    Jalupro is one of the top mesotherapy products on the market in regard to effective anti-age treatment of the skin. This is one of the preferred meso solutions for the removal of superficial wrinkles and skin lines, as well as boosting the overall condition of the skin, improving its elasticity and softness. Jalupro combined the excellent hydrating properties of Sodium Hyaluronate with the beneficial effect of amino acids, including L-Lysine, L-Proline, L-Leucine.

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  • Jalupro HMW (1 x 1.5ml + 1 x 1ml)


    Jalupro HMW changes the understanding of mesotherapy and the products used for it. This solution offer s complex meso treatment of the skin and is particularly recommended for patients suffering from dry, tired and  rough skin. This meso product can also  help with damaged skin and will vastly improve the natural skin hydration, helping it retain moisture for a much longer period ot time. Additionally, mesotherapy with Jalupro HMW will also help with various types of wrinkles, skin lines and depressions, even in their more severe form.

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  • Jalupro Super Hydro SkinBooster (1 x 2.5ml)


    Jalupro is a brand associated with thorough and lasting skin rejuvenation using Hyaluronic acid-based solutions. The Jalupro Super Hydro makes no exception to that rule. As far as skin hydration goes, this is the perfect blend of HA and amino-acids and peptides to help against premature skin aging, sun damaged skin or any other skin related issues due to environmental factors that would cause sagging or wrinkle formation.

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