Revofil Fine – 1 x 1ml


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  • Revofil Fine – 1 x 1ml

    Original price was: €62.00.Current price is: €50.00.

    One of the best Korean dermal fillers targeting superficial wrinkles and skin lines, the Revofil Fine make all the difference by combining Hyaluronic acid and peptides. Its manufacturer, Caregen, is word famous are one of the leaders in peptide based cosmetics and mesotherapy products. Combining the two allows the Revofil Fine filler to have a much more profound and durable effect as a method of anti-age therapy.

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  • Revofil Plus – 1 x 1ml

    Original price was: €62.00.Current price is: €56.00.

    One of the most potent deep wrinkle removal and lip augmentation fillers on the market, Revofil Plus offers an unmatched level of efficiently when it comes to both skin depression filling and adding lip volume. Vastly improving the effect of the gel by adding peptides in the mix, this HA filler has a much higher than average duration, when compared to “medium” fillers in the same class.

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