Gouri PCL Collagen Booster (1 x 1ml)


Gouri is a first of its kind collagen boosting dermal filler, based on liquid Polycaprolactone. Improved effect and better requilding of the skin 3D matrix ensure this is one of the most effective, premium quality skinboosters on the market, based on PCL. Highly effective in the area around the eyes, but can provide lifting and smoothing effect in almost the entire facial area.

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  • Gouri PCL Collagen Booster (1 x 1ml)


    An innovative and highly effective solution for skin lifting and rejuvenation, Gouri is among the first of their kind collagen stimulating skinboosters, made from completely solubilized liquid form Polycaprolacton. Several procedures are enough to provide noticeable skin smoothing and tightening, especially in the area around the eyes. Instead of artificially filling the skin depressions with gel, the Gouri collagen skinbosoter naturally restores the extra-cellular skin matrix.

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