Saypha Volume (1 x 1ml)


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  • Saypha Volume (1 x 1ml)


    Saypha Volume is an HA-based skin filler with volumizing properties. Developed and produced by Croma Pharma, the product can be used for two main types of minimally-invasive cosmetic procedures: instant reduction of deep and severe facial wrinkles and folds and facial augmentation (including for contouring of the face). Previously known as Princess Volume, this filler injection does not cause side effects and it does not include a lengthy post-treatment downtime period.

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  • Saypha Filler (1 x 1ml)


    Saypha Filler is a soft-tissue filler based on Hyaluronic Acid by Croma Pharma. Previously known as Princess Filler, this injectable product offers temporary correction of moderate, deep and severe wrinkles on the face. It is particularly effective in the removal of wrinkles in the lip and mouth areas. Formerly known as Princess Filler, this anti-aging solution can also correct the volume and contour of the face and the lips.

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  • Saypha Rich (1 x 1ml)


    Saypha Rich is a long-lasting mesotherapy product that has skin rejuvenating and hydrating powers. Previously known as Princess Rich, it uses the natural hydrating properties of Hyaluronic Acid and Glycerin to improve skin’s tone, hydro balance, elasticity and texture. What’s best, is that it also acts as a dermal filler and it can immediately remove fine lines such as crow’s feet and superficial wrinkles around the mouth.

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