Nexfill Volume (1 x 1ml)

Nexfill Volume (1 x 1ml)


Allowing for easy, smooth and effective contouring of various facial features, the Nexfill Volume facial sculpting filler will boost and enhance the look of various facial features, including the chin, cheekbones and jawline. This dense filler is also very effective for restoring volume in the cheeks area, but also for the most severe forms of nasolabial folds.

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Intended as an alternative to Revolax SubQ (Sub-Q), Dermalax Implant and Rejeunesse Shape, the Nexfill Volume is also a CE certified (in Germany) dermal filler, which can contour and augment the facial features. It allows dermatologists and other licensed professionals to shape, contour and volumize various parts of the face, where enhancements can only be done with a dense Hyaluronic acid gel with excellent stability, which would ensure no shifting and gel “leaking”.

Thick fillers are notably more difficult to work with, due to the lower viscosity of the gel and larger particle size. Unlike many other solutions from Korea, the Nexfill Volume from Nexus Pharma, is a monophasic gel. How does that affect its properties? The filler gel is much more uniform, meaning that not only does it “rest” better in the skin, once applied, forming no bumps of uneven shape, but also, it allows for an uniform extrusion force to be applied during the procedure. In practice, working with Nexfill Volume is much easier and the practitioners handling the facial enhancement procedure, will have superior control.

The above results directly in a completely natural look, post procedure. Unless the onlooker is aware a person has undergone some sort of facial enhancement with Nexfill Volume, the overall appearance is perfectly natural. This solution is perfect for:

  1. Very deep to severe nasolabial folds
  2. The most pronounced forehead lines
  3. Lips enhancement (Russian doll effect) for very firm feel
  4. Chin shaping
  5. Jawline contouring
  6. Minor rhinoplasty
  7. Cheekbone shaping
  8. Cheek volumization

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