Rejeunesse Sparkle (3 x 2.5ml)

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  • Rejeunesse Sparkle (3 x 2.5ml)

    Rejeunesse Sparkle is a fast-selling soft-tissue filler injection that contains first-rate Hyaluronic Acid. It was specifically designed to remove superficial wrinkles such as worry lines. It also has a very special hidden power – to hydrate and moisture the treated areas. The result? A more youthful and radiant skin, free of annoying fine lines and completely refreshed. Effects last for at least 6 months and look remarkably natural.

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  • Saypha Filler (1 x 1ml)


    Saypha Filler is a soft-tissue filler based on Hyaluronic Acid by Croma Pharma. Previously known as Princess Filler, this injectable product offers temporary correction of moderate, deep and severe wrinkles on the face. It is particularly effective in the removal of wrinkles in the lip and mouth areas. Formerly known as Princess Filler, this anti-aging solution can also correct the volume and contour of the face and the lips.

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  • Stylage Hydro (1 x 1ml)


    Stylage Hydro is a special type of cosmetic injectable product. Normal fillers are primarily used to remove wrinkles or augment the facial features. Hydro on the other hand is purposed for powerful and lasting skin rejuvenation. As the name suggests, it vastly improves the hydration levels of the skin, using the power of Hyaluronic Acid. It combines properties from a dermal filler and mesotherapy solution to help the skin restore its smoothness, softness and elasticity.

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  • Stylage S (2×0.8ml)


    Stylage S is a member of the Classic line of Hyaluronic Acid based injectables of the brand. This is a soft filler with excellent flowability and concentration of the HA of 16mg/ml. Its main purpose is the swift removal and the finest lines and wrinkles on the skin of the face. However, besides a lasting effect of wrinkle removal of an average of 9 months, it also helps skin rejuvenation by introducing the powerful anti-oxidant mannitol in it.

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  • Teosyal Kiss PureSense (2 x 1ml)


    Developed to be applied to the most dynamic and sensitive zones of the face, Teosyal Pure Sense Kiss is a top-quality dermal filler for lip augmentation and contouring. Its main active ingredient is lasting Hyaluronic Acid of a non-animal origin and it has been produced through a special Swiss technology to guarantee a risk-free and lasting lip enhancement and correction of perioral lines and wrinkles formed in the medium and deep layers of the skin.

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  • Yvoire Classic Plus (1 x 1ml)


    Yvoire Classic Plus is a one of the bset price-to-quality products available on the filler market. It bears the stamp of Korea’s LG technological giant, and more specifically their subsidiary – LG chems, which develop advanced medical device and cosmetic solutions for the global market. With Yvoire Classic Plus, doctors can fill and treat delicate superficial lines and wrinkles with a guaranteed immediate effect and lasting results of up to 8 months of silky smooth skin and youthful look, with the added bonus of improved skin hydration, as the Haluronic Acid of the filler is dissolved.

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  • Yvoire Contour Plus (1 x 1ml)


    Yvoire Contour Plus is a facial contouring and sculpting filler from the renowned Korean manufacturer LG Chem – a subsidiary of the technological giant LG. This is a specially tailored, thick dermal filler, which can be used either to augment the shape of various parts of the face, or restore/add volume to severe skin depressions. Excellent viscoeslasticity and the included high grade injection needles, guarantee that doctors can achieve desired results with relative ease when injecting the Yvoire Contour Plus filler.

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  • Yvoire Volume Plus (1 x 1ml)


    LG Chem are offering doctors and patients an easy solution for lip enhancement. One of the hidden gems on the lip filler market, Yvoire Volume Plus can give firmer and more volumized lips with a completely natural look. Contouring and augmenting the lip line with this injectable Hyaluronic gel is very easy and it gives doctors superior control over the injection process. Not only that, but the Yvoire Volume Plus doubles as a very effective filler for mid-to-deep injection under the skin, dealing with deeper skin depressions, wrinkles and skin folds, especially deep nasolabial folds and pronounced marionette lines.

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  • Zishel Rose Forte (1 x 1ml)


    Zishel Forte is a high quality Hyaluronic Acid filler, use to correct deep skin folds and wrinkles, as well as to sculpt facial lines, augment cheeks and shape the cheekbone area and the chin. Lasting effects of at least four months and affordable pricing make this an excellent choice for skin rejuvenation and achieving an overall youthful look.

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