Hyafilia Classic Plus Lidocaine (1 x 1ml)


Hyafilia Classic Plus Lidocaine (1 x 1ml)

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Impressive effects longevity, guaranteed safety, excellent quality – these are just a few of the benefits of using HyaFilia Classic with Lidocaine Plus. This is one of the most reliable skin fillers based on Hyaluronic Acid. Manufactured by CHA Meditech and distributed by us, from Dermal Cosmetics, and it is valued for its ability to swiftly remove medium wrinkles and lines. It contains a small amount of Lidocaine, making any anti-aging procedure with it 100% painless.

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Top-rated skin filler that corrects moderate wrinkles

Medium-sized wrinkles and lines such as nasolabial folds, glabellar lines, smoker’s wrinkles, etc. can be successfully removed after just one injection session with HyaFilia Classic with Lidocaine Plus. This groundbreaking product has a hybrid structure (a mixture of both cross-linked and non-cross-linked HA) and because of that, it offers immediate results that remain visible for up to a full year. Officially recognized as a Class III medical device, this top-notch dermal filler injection will be completely excreted from the patient’s body, making it incredibly safe for regular use.

What zones of the body can be treated with HyaFilia Classic with Lidocaine Plus?

HyaFilia Classic with Lidocaine Plus must be administered via injection in the medium layer of the skin by a trained and board-certified plastic surgeon. With its ideal HA concentration of 20mg/ml and average grain size of 500µm, it can be safely used for the minimally-invasive correction and rejuvenation of face and different parts of the body.

  • Face
  • Neck
  • Décolleté
  • Dorsum of hands (back of the hands)

The effects longevity offered by this top-class product is up to 12 months, regardless of the target treatment zone. Follow-up sessions must be scheduled by clinicians every few months if the patient wants to preserve their rejuvenated appearance.

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