Juvenus Strong – 1 x 2ml


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  • Juvenus Strong – 1 x 2ml


    A new forth of injectable filler, Juvenus Strong by Croma is based on PDRN (polymerized polynucleotides), rather than Hyaluronic acid, and is one of the most effective products for wrinkle removal and very long-lasting skin rejuvenation and revitalization.

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  • S-DNA 0.2% (1 x 1ml)


    S-DNA is a skincare injectable product that is based on DNA extracted from salmon fish. It has natural anti-wrinkle and skin regeneration properties since it stimulates cell growth and the so-called A2 receptor, improving the overall condition and appearance of the skin. The treatment consists of up to four injection sessions and it delivers durable results. What’s best about it, is that unlike dermal fillers, it boosts the skin on a cell level.

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  • Cindella (Thioctic Acid) – 10 x 5ml


    Cindella is a superb skin whitening injection that contains Thioctic acid — a robust antioxidant. Produced by South Korea’s Daehan New Pharm, this product will provide patients with a lighter skin tone. Also, its anti-aging powers will improve the elasticity of the skin and refresh its appearance. Best of all, the injection acts as a vitamin to give the immune system a boost.

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  • Dermaren Lumi Eyes (1 x 1ml)


    Dermaren Lumi Eyes is a PDRN injection that is designed to rejuvenate and restore the skin around the eyes. As a result, it is very suitable for the treatment of dark circles under the eyes and wrinkles in the periorbital area. The product can also be applied on other zones of the face and the body such as the neck, dorsum of hands, lips and even on certain areas of the collarbone.

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  • GANA Eye – 5 x 2ml


    GANA Eye is an advanced mesotherapy product that offers a new, minimally-invasive way to painlessly remove eye bags and dark circles. It relies on a carefully handpicked peptide and a type of naturally-occurring amino acid to greatly reduce puffiness under the eyes and to significantly improve the condition of the skin in that part of the face by stimulating its regeneration. Produced by GANA R&D, this skin-boosting product contains Carnitine and Acetyl tetrapeptide-5.

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  • GANA PN (PDRN Fillers) – 2 x 2.5ml


    Reputable Korean company GANA R&D is behind some of the world’s most effective PDRN products and one of them is top-performing mesotherapy solution GANA PN. The special thing about this PDRN-based solution is that it also contains lidocaine. For patients, this means that they can finally enjoy a pain-free anti-aging, tone-brightening and skin-boosting treatment. Thanks to Dermal Cosmetics’ low prices, a mesotherapy with this product is also affordable.

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  • GANA PNV (PDRN Solution) – 5 x 3ml


    With its exceptional anti-aging powers and its unbeatable skin-boosting properties, GANA PNV by GANA R&D is a reliable mesotherapy injectable that will do anything from safe wrinkle reduction and saggy skin correction to durable skin brightening and dermal cell regeneration. To provide patients with such a long list of cosmetic rejuvenating effects, it relies on highly effective and risk-free ingredients such as PDRN, cross-linked HA, and skin whitening agent Glutathione.

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  • Jalupro HMW (1 x 1.5ml + 1 x 1ml)


    Jalupro HMW changes the understanding of mesotherapy and the products used for it. This solution offer s complex meso treatment of the skin and is particularly recommended for patients suffering from dry, tired and  rough skin. This meso product can also  help with damaged skin and will vastly improve the natural skin hydration, helping it retain moisture for a much longer period ot time. Additionally, mesotherapy with Jalupro HMW will also help with various types of wrinkles, skin lines and depressions, even in their more severe form.

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  • Luthione (10 vials)


    Produced by Daehan New Pharm, Luthione is a top-notch skin whitening injection that is suitable for both men and women. The product contains the antioxidant Glutathione that improves the appearance of the skin. What’s more, the ingredient has great anti-aging, detoxifying and health-boosting properties. Although the effects of the treatment are not instant, they are durable and easy to preserve.

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