Kabelline Contouring Serum


Kabelline is a brand exclusively developed and produced by NewFace Laboratories. This means that all of the advanced fat dissolving products of this range were developed through the cutting-edge technologies of this global aesthetic and beauty industry giant. Introduced on the global market just a few years ago, Kabelline’s revolutionary mesotherapy products have now found a place among the best in the business, especially when it comes to premium-quality contouring serums.

The story of this top-rated brand starts in Seoul, South Korea – a city often called the world’s new capital of the cosmetic industry. Despite its origin, it currently enjoys wide-spread popularity in many different countries around the globe. Among them is the United States, where Kabelline’s top-performing fat resolving injections have already been deemed safe-to-use. That is because one of the main components used in their making is Deoxycholic Acid (DA). This an innovative fat-burning material that is a human intestine bacteria byproduct. As a result, it is incredibly well-tolerated by the human body and it makes the perfect ingredient for first-rate lipolysis injections. The purified DA used in products by this reliable brand is also FDA-approved.

The pioneering fat dissolving products and ground-breaking contouring serums of Kabelline have the power to quickly and effectively burn redundant fat and lipids in different areas of the face and the body. Since they are applied via injection and directly into the target obesity zone, they can deliver patients with a localized and non-surgical anti-obesity treatment. In many ways, that often makes it a better option for the correction of a double chin, anti-cellulite treatment and the removal of love handles (lower back fat), chubby cheeks, muffin edges (fat on the hips), abdomen fat (upper and lower) and more. Since the products are used as a form of an advanced mesotherapy, they take some time in order to work and the treatment itself may take up a period of up to 6 weeks in total. Nevertheless, it involves a minimally invasive procedure, a low risk of side effects and almost no downtime which is why this brand has been going strong since its founding.

Another big reason why Kabelline is a true leader in the field of professional hypotonic lipodissolution is related to the fact that it packs a robust and one-of-a-kind formula designed by NewFace Laboratories. Therefore, aside from burning normal fat cells, it also stimulates fat cells to quickly absorb water. Eventually, that makes them burst out and destroys them for good, making the effects of these superb fat dissolving injections durable and reduce the risk of a so-called Yo-Yo effect which is characterized with dramatic body weight fluctuations.

Kabelline delivers exceptional face contouring and body lipolysis injections that are homeopathic and have successfully passed various clinical tests. That is why they have found a place on Dermal Cosmetics’ catalog and why they can easily be combined with other weight-loss and anti-obesity solutions such as dieting or exercises. This is a brand that has a 5-star rating and which always aims to make the most out of the innovations and new technologies that exist in the beauty industry today.

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  • Kabelline Contouring Serum


    Kabelline is a homeopathic fat dissolving product that can be used on patients who want to win the fight against obesity and those who are looking for a harmless but highly effective contouring solution. It is based on FDA-approved ingredient Deoxycholic Acid and it can be applied to problem areas of the face and body.