GANA PHA Peeling – 40ml


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  • GANA PHA Peeling – 40ml


    AHA peeling products are so last-century, especially now that Dermal Cosmetics has added the world’s best PHA peeling solution to its catalog. We are talking about GANA PHA – a new advanced peeling masterpiece that is entirely based on Polyhydroxy acid (10%) and Alpha arbutin (1%). The latter delivers natural-looking skin whitening while the former acts as an improved version of AHA. It is a good match for people with sensitive skin, rosacea, and atopic skin.

  • GINO BODY – 45g/1.52oz


    We, at Dermal Cosmetics, have found the perfect product for the treatment of keratosis pilaris – GINO BODY. This inexpensive spicule cream has a fast peeling effect that smooths the surface of the skin and it reaches its deeper layers to naturally improve its local immunity. It is produced by market leader GANA R&D and it also contains non-aggressive ingredients such as Urea, Sodium Hyaluronic Acid, and Glycolic Acid.

  • GINO FACE – 45g/1.52oz


    We, from Dermal Cosmetics, are thrilled to present you with one of the hottest additions to our online store product arsenal – GINO FACE. Crafted by reputable Korean company GANA R&D, this is a unique peeling product is a spicule cream. Why spicule? Because its main active ingredient is the spicules of a freshwater sponge. When this solution is applied on the surface of the skin, those spicules penetrate it to deliver an effective acne treatment.