Aquanex Sodium Hyaluronate Skinbooster (1 x 2.5ml)

Aquanex Sodium Hyaluronate Skinbooster (1 x 2.5ml)


Aquanex is an optimized skin booster, based on pure Sodium Hyaluronate. It uses the vital and beneficial properties of Hyaluronic acid to boost the overall condition of the skin, improve hydration and restore elasticity, all the while it strengthens the extracellular matrix. Additionally, it creates the perfect conditions for elastin and collagen to be synthesized in the skin, thus extending the overall anti-age effect.

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In many ways, Aquanex is similar to the more popular Hyaron product. It is purely based on Sodium Hyaluronate – the salt of Hyaluronic acid. It comes in 2.5ml syringes. However, Aquanex is a more powerful skinbooster, as it contains twice the concentration of HA – 25ml/ml.

Being solely HA based allows the Aquanex skinbooster to be more biocompatible and the gel is safetly biodegradable, slowly dissolving in the skin under the influence of the body’s enzymes. While its primary usage area is the face, it’s also very effective in rejuvenating the skin of the hand, neck, decollete and body. Its primary purpose is to bring the youthfulness and health of aged skin, either as a result of natural processes or other adverse factors.

When using Hyaluronic acid to boost the condition of the skin, they keyword is always “hydration”. Aged skin is dry and it’s one of the major contributors for it forking wrinkles and skin folds. Using Aquanex, the natural skin balance and moisture retention properties of the epidermis and dermis are restored. HA is a special compound, which is natural to the human body, as it can retain many times its own volume in water. As the skin ages the number of Hyaluronic molecules decreases and it becomes more and more difficult for skin cells to property hydrate.

How does the Aquanes HA based skinbooster help, then?

  • Improved hydration
  • Restored elasticity
  • Skin tone balancing and brightening
  • Surface wrinkles smoothing
  • Creates the right conditions for collagen and elastin synthesis

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