Gemvous Polynucleotide PN Skinbooster (3 x 2.5cc)


Gemvous Polynucleotide PN Skinbooster (3 x 2.5cc)

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Gemvous PN Skinbooster is an innovative solution for skin revitalization, which has a wholesome approach towards mutli-vector treatment of the skin. One of the most powerful skinboosters on the market is utilizes the healing and restoring properties of Polynucleotides, with the rejuvenating effect and improved skin hydration from the Hyaluronic acid. In addition, it significantly brightens the skin and improves the overall skin tone, as the Gemvous skin booster also contains a Vitamin B complex, called Niacinamide, which has a pronounced lightening effect on the upper dermis.

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While most solutions offered on the market focus on specific skin problems, Gemvous is a true skinbooster. It can be utilized to rapidly improve the condition the (especially of deteriorated) skin in various parts of the face and especially the aera around the eyes. Its main ingredients are Polynucleotides, incorporated via an advanced DNA Optimizing technology. They have an almost immediate, yet lasting effect in improving the skin texture and restoring its natural elasticity. PN skinboosters like Gemvous are known to have beneficial effect to tired and damaged skin. They also boost the natural healing processed and stimulate the production of growth factors in the dermis.

This improvement to the overall skin health, is aided by the Hyaluronic acid. The dermal booster will offer immediate hydration to the treated area of skin, but also, the HA molecules will help it retain moisture more effectively and for a more extended period of time.

Finally, unlike other PN + HA combos, Gemvous also contains Niacinamide which is a powerful Vitamin B complex, used to solve problems with skin tone. It will provide a noticeable brightening effect to the skin in the area of application.

How does Gemvous help?

Gevmous Skin Booster based on Hyaluronic acid and Polynucleotides helps to slow down the aging processes in the skin and reverse some of their worse effects. This includes making the skin smoother and softer with more balanced hydration processes in the dermis. It can rapidly boost the health of wounded, aged and dry patches of skin on the face.

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