GANA DA – 10 x 5ml


GANA DA – 10 x 5ml

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Using FDA-approved ingredient Deoxycholic acid (DA), GANA R&D’s innovative lipolytic injection GANA DA successfully melts fat cells and deposits on different areas of the body, including those under the chin. The product is particularly effective at swiftly correcting double chin and reducing fat around the abdomen, hips, upper arms and tights. After just three sessions, it delivers excellent and long-lasting results for both female and male patients.

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  • In the package: 4ml x 10 vials
  • Injection depth: subcutaneous layer
  • Treatment length: 3-4 sessions
  • Recommended needle size: 30G x 4mm

A powerful lipolytic injection based on safe ingredients

The concentration of Deoxycholic acid in GANA DA is 10mg/cc which enables this product to easily eliminate localized fat deposits that have formed around or on a patient’s hips, upper arms, tights, belly or under the chin. DA is among the most popular ingredients in professional-grade fat-dissolving injections because of its high safety rating and the naturally-looking fat-burning effects it offers. The product is injected into the subcutis of the problem areas at an interval of one month. The procedure needs to be repeated 3-4 times for a positive change to be seen.

  • Main ingredient has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration
  • Product can be injected into different parts of the body
  • No long-term or severe side effects
  • High success rate

GANA DA as an effective double chin correction solution

This is one of the best fat-resolving mesotherapy products for non-surgical reduction of double chin. Every injection session targeting this treatment area will require the use of no more than 1 vial. GANA DA must not be applied on the face.

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