GANA PN (PDRN Fillers) – 2 x 2.5ml

GANA PN (PDRN Fillers) – 2 x 2.5ml


Reputable Korean company GANA R&D is behind some of the world’s most effective PDRN products and one of them is top-performing mesotherapy solution GANA PN. The special thing about this PDRN-based solution is that it also contains lidocaine. For patients, this means that they can finally enjoy a pain-free anti-aging, tone-brightening and skin-boosting treatment. Thanks to Dermal Cosmetics’ low prices, a mesotherapy with this product is also affordable.

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  • Key active ingredients: Polydeoxyribonucleotide, cross-linked HA, Glutathione and Lidocaine
  • Package volume: 2 x 2.5ml prefilled syringes
  • Treatment length: 2-3 sessions, 1 session a month
  • Country of origin: South Korea

PDRN-based mesotherapy solution with anti-aging effects

GANA PN is a top-rated mesotherapy product that is applied with an injection or a mesogun into the dermis layer to temporarily reduce the appearance of wrinkles, brighten the tone of the skin and regenerate damaged skin cells. Its powerful skin rejuvenating effects start to become visible after the second session. The PDRN found in its composition greatly improves blood flow and helps the skin to repair damaged dermal cells. That will considerably improve the overall appearance of the treated areas by boosting the tonicity and elasticity of the skin.

Works for non-surgical facial augmentation too

GANA PN is much more than a PDRN-based mesotherapy product because it can also act as a highly effective dermal filler and deliver durable and natural-looking facial augmentation results even after just one treatment. This is due to the fact that it contains premium-quality cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid that adds volume under the skin and delivers a balanced lifting effect. That makes it one of the most versatile Polydeoxyribonucleotide products in existence and because of Dermal Cosmetics’ competitive prices, it also ranks among the cheapest.

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