Lipo Lab (10 x 10ml)

Lipo Lab (10 x 10ml)


Lipo Lab is among the purest ad safest fat-resolving products on the market. It contains top-quality Phosphatidyl Choline (PPC) and it effectively burns fat in hard-to-treat zones of the body such as the armpit, under the chin, abdomen and the upper arm. This advanced lipolytic injectable also treats cellulite and improves the elasticity of the skin. To achieve that, the lipo solution stimulates natural processes in the human body, eliminating the risk of a yo-yo effect later.

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Lipo Lab induced natural fat-melting processes in the body

This unique lipolytic solution is often known as a natural fat-burner since it not only reduces localized fat deposits and destroys fat cells but it also boosts patient’s metabolism. That allows for more natural-looking and longer-lasting weight-loss results. This lipo product even increases the energy levels of patients which can be highly beneficial if they are planning to combine this fat-dissolving treatment with exercise. The raw materials and ingredients used for the making of Lipo Lab are of the highest purity and quality. The PPC Sodium Deoxycholate in it is produced in Japan and it has a purity level of 98%, while the main raw material found in the composition of this product is German-made and characterized by a purity rate of 99.8%. For patients, that promises reduced risk of adverse effects and greater results.

Advantages of Lipo Lab

  • An affordable alternative to liposuction
  • Does not require the use of anesthesia
  • Lipo Lab reduces cellulite
  • Offers excellent results in destroying localized fat deposits
  • A simple and risk-free lipo treatment
  • No yo-yo effect

Lipo Lab needs to be injected into the subcutaneous layer. One treatment requires at least 4 sessions, each of which is to be performed at an interval of 10 to 15 days.

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