Dermaheal LL (10 vials x 5ml)

Dermaheal LL (10 vials x 5ml)


Looking for a durable, pain-free, non-surgical way to shed those extra kilos around the waste? Dermaheal LL is a reliable fat resolving product that matches this description. When applied in the adipose tissue, it serves as an advanced anti-cellulite and lipolytic solution. It burns fat cells and improves the appearance of the skin. Offered at a good price by Dermal Cosmetics, this product offers noticeable results after just one month.

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Dermaheal LL offers a minimally-invasive, painless and guaranteed fat reduction solution. Its application does not involve a complex and risky surgery – only a swift procedure during which it is injected into the adipose tissue. There is no necessity for anesthesia and the downtime is equal to zero because patients can get to their daily life and routine almost immediately after each treatment session (the recommended therapy protocol includes 1 session per week).

Impressive results that last for a long time

Patients can typically see and feel the first effects 4 weeks after the initial injection procedure. Dermaheal LL was developed to serve as a more gradual yet incredibly effective fat resolving solution to avoid the yo-yo effect and to ensure that the longevity of the achieved results is optimally maximized.

  • Burns subcutaneous fat
  • Reduces cellulite
  • Makes skin softer
  • Decreases thickness of adipose tissue

This unique lipocare mesotherapy product can be injected into various zones of the body. Therefore, it is often more effective at reducing fat in places where plastic surgery is able to deliver only partial results. Among them are areas like the neck, chin, and cheeks, the back of the hands, knees, and shoulders, hips and thighs, as well as the abdomen.

Unexpected extras

Dermaheal LL’s main purpose is to dissolve fat cells but it has one more superpower. Since this is an outstanding mesotherapy product that is based on biomimetic peptides and carnitine, it also improves the collagen synthesis in the areas of treatment. For that reason, patients’ skin becomes smoother and firmer.

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