GANA V Line – 10 vials x 5ml


GANA V Line – 10 vials x 5ml

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To rejuvenate, contour and brighten the skin in the V line zone of the face, experienced cosmetic surgeons now rely on GANA V line – a top-performing fat-resolving product produced by GANA R&D and distributed by us, from Dermal Cosmetics. It provides a quick and painless facial contouring treatment that takes no more than several minutes to perform but can offer durable and natural-looking fat-burning results paired with effective skin whitening and aesthetically-appealing wrinkle reduction.

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A risk-free improvement of facial contour

Double chin and poor facial contour are the results of fat deposit buildups in the V line area of the face. This is typically a cosmetic problem that can be hard to treat even with plastic surgery but GANA V line is a new-generation fat-dissolving product that has changed that once and for all. In contrast with most other top-selling fat-melting injectables on today’s market, this one is based on two different fat-melting substances. The first of them is Phosphatidylcholine or PPC which is derived from Soya bean and is highly effective at dissolving stubborn fat cells collected in the adipose tissue. The second is FDA-approved ingredient Deoxycholic acid (DA). It is a biocompatible substance derived from bile acid and it is naturally occurring in the human body, making it exceptionally safe. When these two reliable ingredients are combined, they provide permanent facial contouring results.

  • Administered directly in the adipose tissue
  • One treatment consists of 3 sessions
  • Every session must be performed at an interval of two weeks
  • Use 2ml for full neck treatment and 3ml for facial treatments

What else can GANA V line do?

GANA V line delivers natural-looking anti-pigmentation treatment because it contains supreme skin brightening agent Glutathione. Thanks to the presence of skin rejuvenating peptide Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 (AH8) in its composition, it also removes wrinkles.

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