GANA Eye – 5 x 2ml

GANA Eye – 5 x 2ml


GANA Eye is an advanced mesotherapy product that offers a new, minimally-invasive way to painlessly remove eye bags and dark circles. It relies on a carefully handpicked peptide and a type of naturally-occurring amino acid to greatly reduce puffiness under the eyes and to significantly improve the condition of the skin in that part of the face by stimulating its regeneration. Produced by GANA R&D, this skin-boosting product contains Carnitine and Acetyl tetrapeptide-5.

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Specially-tailored mesotherapy product for visible eye bag removal

This one-of-a-kind injectable cosmetic solution was crafted exclusively for the fast treatment of dark circles and bags under the eyes. It cannot and must not be used for other purposes as that can expose patients to side effects and health risks. If applied in accordance with its treatment protocol, GANA Eye will improve the condition of the skin in the target injection sites by:

  • Reducing puffiness
  • Improving the hydro balance
  • Delivering a soothing and calming sensation
  • Promoting collagen protection and protein production
  • Offering a boost in skin’s elasticity and tonicity

All of that will be achieved through the natural powers of Carnitine (2%) and Acetyl tetrapeptide-5 (50ppm) – two risk-free and highly biocompatible substances that are both found in this top-notch mesotherapy product.

What is the average length of full treatment with GANA Eye?

To enjoy the full anti-eye bag and anti-dark circle effects of this optimized injectable solution, patients need to undergo 3 to 4 sessions with GANA Eye. These treatment sessions are to be carried out at monthly intervals which means that a full treatment with this product typically takes at least 3 months to complete.

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