JBP Curacen (10 x 2ml)

JBP Curacen (10 x 2ml)


Known to be one of the most popular skin rejuvenating solutions on the market, JBP Curacen is a mesotherapy product based on human placenta extract combined with a cocktail of skin nutrients. It’s main purpose if to help damaged skin to heal, as well as improve its hydration. Curacen from JBP is the ultimate product for regaining your natural and youthful beauty.

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A holistic skincare solution, JBP Curacen is a an innovative product for mesotherapy which takes full advantage of scientifical innovations in the beauty industry and puts them to good work. Curacen is based on high-quality human placenta extract, mixed in with other specially selected ingredients, which ensure dramatic improvement of skin radiance and smoothness.

Revolutionary Anti-Aging Formula

Effectiveness in skin treatment is achieved by balancing the ingredients correctly in a way that amplifies the anti-age effect. JBP Curacen contains a selection of essential amino acids, vitamins, and enzymes, derived (ethically) from human placenta. Combined together, this nutrient cocktail boosts the natural skin cell regeneration and its ability to self-heal.

Multifaceted Benefits for Skin Health

Bringing back skin elasticity is by far not the only beneficial effect of Curacen. The list includes:

  • It is a powerful stimulant of collagen and elastin production
  • Improves skin texture and improves moisture retention
  • Helps with cell regeneration and damaged skin healing
  • Treats skin hyperpigmentation very effectively, as well as discoloration spots

An advanced tool for advanced users

JBP Curacen is a very to use product which can easily be integrated into the skin treatment routine or services of dermatologists and beauty experts. Application is easy and results are quick to become visible – more youthful, radiant and rejuvenated appearance, with overall health benefits for the skin.

Curacen by JBP is the powerful mesotherapy product based on human placenta extract, which every professional should utilize as part of skin treatment procedures that they perform.

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