S-DNA 0.2% (1 x 1ml)


S-DNA 0.2% (1 x 1ml)

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S-DNA is a skincare injectable product that is based on DNA extracted from salmon fish. It has natural anti-wrinkle and skin regeneration properties since it stimulates cell growth and the so-called A2 receptor, improving the overall condition and appearance of the skin. The treatment consists of up to four injection sessions and it delivers durable results. What’s best about it, is that unlike dermal fillers, it boosts the skin on a cell level.

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All-Around DNA Treatment with S-DNA

S-DNA is a universal skincare treatment that delivers all-in-one results. For starters it can repair and rejuvenate aging skin and remove superficial lines and wrinkles. Also, the product has skin whitening properties and it can treat acne scars or pigmentation problems. Other effects of this DNA treatment include improving the elasticity of the skin and giving it a refreshed appearance, tissue regeneration, wound healing and more.

When Will the Effects Become Visible?

The product comes in a prefilled disposable syringe and it is ready to use. Qualified cosmetic surgeons need to inject it into the epidermis – a procedure that takes only a few minutes.

Doctors are recommended to carry out 3 to 4 sessions to provide their patients with the best possible results. Still, the effects of the treatment start to be seen even early on in the treatment. Here’s what you can expected after the following time periods post application:

  • 3-5 days: Increased skin softness and a revitalized appearance
  • 14-28 days: Greater skin elasticity and reduction of shallow lines
  • 28-42 days: Skin lifting effect and improved skin volume

With every injection session, these treatment results will become more and more pronounced. For faster and even better effects, doctors can combine S-DNA with HA-based soft-tissue fillers or with serums for skin brightening or rejuvenation (depending on the desired results).

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