Elasty F – Double Pack (2 x 1ml)


Elasty F – Double Pack (2 x 1ml)

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When it comes to value in the world of fillers, few offers can match the Elasty brand, including the Elasty F, which is a premium quality level Hyaluronic filler for the temporary removal of delicate skin lines and shallow skin depressions, which is offered at a more than affordable price and comes in a value oriented double package. Utilizing the patented PNET technology, it comes with a guarantee for rejuvenation of the skin and the perceived look of the patient, with lasting correction in areas like the neck, forehead and around the eyes.

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All fillers in the Elasty line utilize the Preserved Natural Entanglement Technology (or simply PNET). This is a method for crosslinking the Hyaluronic acid molecules in a more stable manner, offering longer lasting and results and improved viscoelasticity of the HA gel, while at the same time virtually reducing to zero the number of non-linked BDDE cross-linking elements.

Elasty F – lasting wrinkle removal

The end result is one of the highest quality Korean dermal fillers on the market for the correction of fine lines and superficial wrinkles. A monophasic HA filler Elasty F has the advantage of correcting skin depressions in a very naturally looking manner.

One of the main advantages to most soft Hyaluronic fillers Elasty F has, is that this is a double pack of injectable HA gel. This allows dermatologists and other medical and / or beauty professionals to offer a more wholesale procedure for facial skin rejuvenation, correcting multiple areas in a single procedure, e.g., Crow’s feet, Glabellar lines and skin depressions under the eyes (necessary amount will vary case-by-case).

Dermal Filler with Rejuvenating Effect

In addition to the immediate “filling” effect of skin lines and wrinkles, the Elasty F filler, being a soft Hyaluronic solution will double down as a long-term skin hydration and rejuvenating agent as the injected gel slowly dissolves in the skin of the patient.

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