Elasty D Plus – Double Pack (2 x 1ml)


Elasty D Plus – Double Pack (2 x 1ml)

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The Elasty D Plus is the “Deep” or “Medium” filler of the Korean filler brand Elasty. This is a specially developed and tailored HA gel, which is used to correct moderate to deep skin depressions. Using the PNET technology for stabler and safer cross-linking of the Hyaluronic particles, the Elasty D Plus dermal filler is a pristine, albeit affordable skin volume solution, that will instantly correct and fill noticeable skin depressions and loss of volume (for example – nasolabial folds). The “Deep” by Elasty also doubles down as a lip filler and can allow for mid-to-long term improvement of the volume and contour of the patient’s lips.

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Unlike Europen filler brands, which tend to have a designated “lip filler”, the Elasty D Plus effectively deals with two separate problems without needing a “specialized” counterpart. The direct result of years of development and research by the leading Korean manufacturer Dongbang Medical Co., Ltd., the Elasty line of Hyaluronic fillers.

The secret to the HA gel’s stability is the above mentioned PNET technology. This abbreviation stands for Preserved Natural Entanglement Technology. It is a special method for cross-linking HA particles, which leaves no non-linked BDDE agents, making the skin filler not only higher quality, but also safer to the patient.

But what is the Elasty D fillers used for?

Truly, one of the most versatile dermal fillers on the market, the Elasty G Plus is a highly effective tool for:

  • Lip enhancement – volume improvement, shape correction, overall contouring
  • Nasolabial fold removal – effective correction from mid to deep skin folds
  • Marionette line correction – also for mid to deep depression filling
  • Minor rhinoplasty – the Elasty D Plus filler is the correct thickness for some minor nose corrections

Rarely is a lip filler as versatile as the Elasty D. Coming is a double pack, one box of Hyaluronic gel allows for both link enhancement and deep skin depression correction in the same procedure.

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