Elasty G Plus – Double Pack (2 x 1ml)


Elasty G Plus – Double Pack (2 x 1ml)

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Elasty G Plus is a dermal filler for those that are looking for overall correction and augmentation of the facial contour and specific facial features, all in a single box. A double package of contouring fillers, this special Hyaluronic gel from Dongbang Medical Co., Ltd. Is the necessary tool to improve the shape and volume of multiple areas of the face within a single procedure. The quality of the Elasty G Plus filler is guaranteed by the special PNET technology its HA gel is manufactured by, resulting in very long-term facial contour improvements.

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As the name would suggest, Elasty G Plus is a thick dermal filler (the G stands for “Grand”), which has large HA particles and thick texture, specifically developed to tackle either face contour and shape improvements, as well as the most severe cases of skin loss, particularly in the cheeks. The PNET technology ensures virtually no BDDE particles are left unlinked in the gel, making this one of the safest Hyaluronic acid fillers for contouring on the market.

Application of the Elasty G Plus Filler

  • The stability and thickness of the filler make it a more than optimal product to shape the jawline;
  • It’s ideal for shaping up the chin without the need for surgery
  • With Elasty G Plus the cheekbones can be made notably more pronounced
  • Adequate for a (limited) number of nose corrections
  • Excellent results with this filler can be seen in terms of cheek volume restoration
  • Elasty G can also be used for the most severe cases of nasolabial folds

Each box of the Elasty Grand includes two sterile Hyaluronic fillers, the appropriate needles, as well as instructions and safety precautions leaflet (read carefully before usage). The “Plus” indicates this is the Lidocaine containing variation of the product which offers minimal levels of discomfort when applied.

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