Stylage Hydro (1 x 1ml)

Stylage Hydro (1 x 1ml)


Stylage Hydro is a special type of cosmetic injectable product. Normal fillers are primarily used to remove wrinkles or augment the facial features. Hydro on the other hand is purposed for powerful and lasting skin rejuvenation. As the name suggests, it vastly improves the hydration levels of the skin, using the power of Hyaluronic Acid. It combines properties from a dermal filler and mesotherapy solution to help the skin restore its smoothness, softness and elasticity.

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Compared to the other Vivacy fillers, Stylage Hydro has a low concentration of Hyaluronic Acid – 14mg/ml. But there is a reason for that. This filler is not made to restore volume or fill skin depressions. Its main application – hydration restoration.

Hyaluronic acid is a beauty industry favorite for a reason. This naturally occurring substance can retain its own weight in water of up to 500 times.  It is an important part of the natural hydration processes of the human skin. In the cosmetic industry, a synthetic and more durable to the body enzymes form is used, in this case – monophasic HA.

Stylage Hydro – what is in the box?

Like the other fillers from Vivacy this one is made for direct usage. The doctors will find inside the box:

  • One pre-filler syringe of the mesotherapy/skin filler solution
  • One 30 G1/8 needle
  • One 30 G1/2 needle

Anti-age therapy

Stylage Hydro is an excellent solution, regardless if you view it as a mesotherapy product or dermal filler. Once injected it will improve the moisture levels of the skin for a long period of time. With age and/or under the influence of environmental factors the skin goes dry and wrinkles are formed. The most powerful anti-age solution against this problem is a Hyaluronic acid based cosmetic solution.

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