Neufidence Volume (2 x 1ml)

Neufidence Volume (2 x 1ml)


Neufidence Volume is a double filler package from Meditox, which allows doctors to augment the shape and contour of multiple areas of the face, as well as restore and/or boost the volume of the cheeks, of patients. One box of this sculpting filler allows for performing of extensive facial interventions, including chin augmentation and moderate forms of rhinoplasty, allowing dermatologists and plastic surgeons to offer a more wholesome and extensive service to their patients/customers.

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Neufidence Volume is a Lidocaine containing filler which is primarily aimed at more intervening facial augmentation procedures, in term of the injection areas that are covered. This HA filler can be successfully use for:

  • Rhinoplasti
  • Reshaping the chin
  • Making the cheekbones more pronounced
  • Contouring the jawline
  • Restoring volume to the cheeks
  • Fill very deep skin depressions and severe nasolabial folds

The filler has a high ratio of Hyaluronic acid cross-linking, which makes it very dense and the correct choice, for doctors looking for HA gel that will not shift once injected, and at the same time looks indistinguishably natural when properly applied. There is no risk of the filler to move or “leak” to another area over time.

Does getting a Neufidence Volume injection hurt?

In one word? No. Like the rest of the Neufidence brand fillers, the Volume contains 0.3% of Lidocaine, to remove the discomfort during injection. Further, each syringe in the box comes with two 27G ½ needles, which have ultra-thin walls. In practice, this means that when the filler is injected, there is less tearing to the skin, which means less subsequent bruising, swelling and redness of the area of injection.

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