Neufidence Deep (2 x 1ml)

Neufidence Deep (2 x 1ml)


Neufidence Deep is the bargain offer from Medytox, that does not compromise with quality. Part of a new injectable dermal gel line, this HA filler is primarily intended to deal with moderately deep nasolabial folds and medium depth depressions of the skin into the lower part of the face. It’s also an excellent product for lip enhancement, shaping and contouring the upper lip and adding extra volume or overall augmentations to the patient’s lips.

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The fact that Neufidence Deep with Lidocaine includes not one, but two pre-filled syringes of HA lip / dermal filler, makes it a wholesome solution for facial augmentation. For one, Medytox have specificalltt designed this injectable solution to fill medium depth nasolabial folds in a natural and indistinguishable way. It has both the right thickness and elasticity to provide patients with naturally looking results. Once injected into the skin, Neufidence Deep will make any skin fold disappear without giving away the usage of filler, unlike many other HA products on the market.

Further, since it can effectively double down as a lip filler, a box Neufidence Deep allows dermatologists, plastic surgeons and beauty professionals to do more extensive work on the lower half of the patient’s face. A proper injection and application of the Hyaluronic acid gel, allows doctors to delicately shape and contour the lips. Each box contains enough product to ensure even patients looking for extra volume, will be satisfied, while at the same time allowing for additional skin corrections in the area around the mouth – nasolabial folds, marionette lines, etc.

Inside a box of Neufidence Deep

This lip filler is ready to be used as is, with each pack containing:

  • Two pre-filled syringes of HA gel
  • Four injection needles (2 per syringe), with ultra-thin walls
  • 3% of Lidocaine inside the gel, for no pain

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