Monalisa Mild Type Filler


Monalisa Mild Type Filler

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Monalisa Mild Type hyaluronic acid-based dermal filler by Genoss is the perfect solution for medium wrinkles and lines on your face.

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Monalisa Mild Type by Genoss is a dermal filler, purposely developed to combat the perioral and medium wrinkles on your face. The special properties of the hyaluronic acid – the main ingredient in this injectable filler – makes your skin smooth, elastic and youthful again. This natural, biodegradable element, found in the human body, acts on the principle of attracting the water molecules. It has a moisturizing, curative and beautifying effect for your joints, skin, eyes and connective tissue.

Monalisa Mild Type filler takes care of you to feel good on the inside and look beautiful from the outside. You can read more about the basics of using dermal fillers at our blog.

What will you receive in the box?
Concentration: 20 mg / mL
Particle size: 400㎛

Is Monalisa Mild Type dermal filler safe to use?

Thanks to the hyaluronic acid content and high – quality ingredients,  Monalisa Mild Type is not just safe, but also a must for your health and beauty care.

The filler is part of the Monalisa GENOSS series – a world-leading company in the medical cosmetics industry, offering products of superior quality.

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