Stylage L (2 x 1ml)

Stylage L (2 x 1ml)


Vivacy developed their classical line of skin fillers thinking of one thing – dealing with wrinkles, lines and skin folds. Stylage L is no exception – this injectable gel with high concentration of Hyaluronic Acid (24mg per ml) is specially made to hide the more severe wrinkles, fill the deeper skin lines and remove noticeable folds and sagging skin. Results are guaranteed to last and look natural, as the effect is amplified using Mannitol and the technology utilized is IPN-like.

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Patients look for lasting effect when they’re choosing their filler. A doctor knows that a happy patient will be one that does not have to treat their wrinkles and skin lines with filler every odd month. Stylage L is the perfect option for patients and beauty doctors that need a reliable, effective and overall beneficial for the skin HA product.

The power of the Stylage L filler based on two key ingredients – Hyaluronic Acid and Mannitol. HA has been the beauty industry favorite ingredient for a few years now. Using a synthetic variation of this naturally occurring product, the filler helps the skin to restore its volume and improve the moisture levels. The most impressive property of Hyaluronic Acid is that is can retain up to 500 times its own weight in water.

However, HA is naturally dissolved fairly quickly by the enzymes. This filler’s structure is monophasic and cross-linked, making is more stable once injected, and more resistant to the metabolism of the patient. The Mannitol further helps in that task, with the added benefit of being a powerful anti-oxidant. Oxidation processes, usually the result of environmental influence, are, of course, one of the main factors for premature skin aging. Improving hydration and limiting their effect helps Stylage L have not only the immediate wrinkle and fold removal effect, but also boost the skin’s health long term.

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