Linerase Collagen (1 x 100mg)

Linerase Collagen (1 x 100mg)


Linerase Collagen is a professional solution for the treatment of skin atrophy, hypotonia, and diminished skinelasticity. This is a Heterologous Type I Collagen (HTIC) product of the highest quality, that stimulates collagen regeneration and greatly improves the skin’s vitality and overall condition.

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The Linerase collagen has both aesthetical and dermatological application. As the name would imply it, this collagen powder extract, when introduced into the skin will help with all the standard skin aging related issues – wrinkles, dryness, loss of volume and elasticity. It also helps the dermis to increase the rates of fibroblast synthesis. The range of more serious skin issues for which the Linerase Collagen helps includes skin atrophy and hypotonia. The collagen powder will also positively affect the regeneration of connective tissues.

Linserase Overview:

  • Composition: Heterologous Type I Collagen (HTIC) powder, which is sterile and pyrogen free
  • Usage: Treatment of various skin conditions including atrophy, hypotonia, and reduced elasticity due to innate malformations or post-trauma lesions
  • Action Mechanism: Collagen, in the human body, plays a vital part in the natural framework of connective tissues cell grown, differentiation and regeneration. Thus, Linerase, being Type I collagen, can act as a cellular stimulant in various treatments of connective tissues. Additionally, HTIC directly boosts the overall condition of dermal cells and creates optimal conditions for the skin to naturally synthesize collagen.
  • Packaging: A box of Linerase contains one vial with 100mg of equine collagen Type I powder.
  • How to use: The collagen in the box is in powdered form. Before using it must be solved in 5ml of normal bacteriostatic saline (0.9% sodium chloride). Linerase must be used immediate after the solution is prepared. It’s recommended to do two sessions per month, for two months, with a two-week gap between treatments.

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