GC Laennec Injection (JBP Alternative)


GC Laennec Injection (JBP Alternative)

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Laennec is a truly advanced anti-aging product. It is a safe human placenta extract that, when injected into the skin, has impressive skin rejuvenation properties. It is sold by Dermal Cosmetics and produced in GreenCross Wellbeing (in partnership with JBP). It has been perfectly sterilized, thoroughly tested and carefully manufactured to ensure optimal anti-aging results and minimal adverse effects.

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Laennec’s fantastic anti-aging qualities

Human Placenta Extract (HPE) is scientifically proven to boost human body’s health in numerous ways which is why it is now used for the treatment of a wide range of conditions, symptoms, and disorders including depression, menopause, chronic hepatic disease, asthma and more. One area in which it truly excels, however, is beauty and cosmetic rejuvenation. It gives patients a more youthful and radiant appearance by:

  • Restoring and maintaining the skin’s hydro balance
  • Removing wrinkles
  • Treating acne
  • Whitening the skin and eliminating unwanted pigmentations
  • Correcting eye bags
  • Improving skin’s firmness and elasticity
  • Treating enlarged pores
  • Delivering a natural skin glow

This injectable human placenta extract (a direct JBP Laennec alternative) is rich in beneficial growth factors that stimulate cellular renewal and have a hard-to-match detoxifying effect. The recommended treatment protocol consists of an initial phase during which the patient must be injected with it 2-3 days a week (1 vial of Laennec per session) for a period of one month. During the second stage of the therapy, patients undergo maintenance injection procedures performed by a registered practitioner every 10-15 days.

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