A-Jax Keen Vivid (1 x 1.1ml)

A-Jax Keen Vivid (1 x 1.1ml)


Few lip products can go toe-to-toe with the likes of Revolax Deep, Dermalax Deep Plus or Rejeunesse Deep, each of which is an industry standard setter. However, the A-Jax Keen Vivid lip filler manages to break that monopoly and offer and exact matching quality for an even lower price, while expanding on what customers love about the premium Korean brands of dermal fillers. Combined with a JBP needle and cannula in the box, the A-Jax Keen Vivid is an out of the box solution for lip augmentation and one of the best nasolabial fold and lip filler treatment solutions on the market.

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A major advantage that the A-Jax Keen filler brand holds over its competitors is that all entries, including the Vivid lip filler, are made in a brand-new factory. Utilizing the latest and greatest testing, developing and manufacturing machines and equipment. The Hyaluronic gel itself is purified via two step dialysis method for a period of two weeks. Considering that HA is natural for the human body, this lip and nasolabial filler is a completely safe and biocompatible solution.

But that is not all – on a molecular level, the A-Jax Keen Vivid filler has several advantages as well. First, in regard to safety, there is no BDDE crosslinking agent residue left in the end product, which further enhances its safety factor. The Hyaluronic gel for lips, itself, is very stable and benefits from a Hexagonal Block Crosslinking Technology process of manufacturing, which in simple terms, means that it’s molecular structure has superior stability and it takes longer for the body to dissolve the HA gel.

Areas of usage of the A-Jax Keen Vivid

At its core, this is a lip filler first and foremost. With an extended durability and specially tailored elasticity and viscoelasticity, A-Jax Keen Vivid is a method to significantly boost the volume of the lip. Further, the Hyaluronic lip gel can be used to contour, shape and do overall enhancement in the mid-face area. Additionally, Vivid is a great filler for nasolabial folds and deep marionette lines and can even be effective treatment for particularly pronounced glabellar lines.

Each box contains 1 filler (1.1ml, 24mg/ml HA, 0.3% Lidocaine), one needle and one cannula from JBP.

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