Optivisc Plus (1 x 2ml)

Optivisc Plus (1 x 2ml)


Optivisc Plus is a more Hyaluronic Acid rich version of the base Optivisc viscosupplement, with a higher concentration of HA in the gel, of 40mg/2ml. As opposed to surgery, this is a mildly invasive, non-pharmacologic product for the treatment of symptoms typical of Osteoarthritis in the knee joint area – pain, reduced mobility, inflammation and swelling. Once injected, the gel soothes the inflammation and helps with the better lubrication of the joints.

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Optivisc Plus has many similarities to the fillers used in the beauty industry. This viscosupplement is a clear gel, with smooth texture and contains high levels of Hualuronic acid – 20mg/ml. However, this is a medical solution to a medical problem, even though not a pharma product. Patients suffering from knee osteoarthritis will often complain from a multitude of problems. Pain and discomfort are the obvious ones, but there is also the reduced mobility, cracking of the joins, swelling in the joint area, as a result of the inflammation. It the most severe of cases it can even get deformed.

A lot of this is the result of the reduced amount Synovial fluid and the increased friction of the joints, directly resulting in discomfort and inflammation. To  help fight the symptoms, Optivisc Plus, once injected will help the restoration of the Synovial fluid and  in conjunction with it, the gel will provide:

  • Better lubrication of the joints
  • Improved shock absorption capabilities
  • Protective layer formed by the HA gel

It is all possible, because of the natural properties of the Hyaluronic acid, which can retain its own weight 500 times in water. It makes it the perfect base for an injectable viscosupplement. Additionally, Optivisc Plus is completely safe and bio-degradeable and after a treatment course, the patient will have a noticeable reduction in symptoms for up to half an year.

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