Optivisc (1 x 2ml)

Optivisc (1 x 2ml)


Optivisc is a revolutionary viscosupplement, made using cutting edge Swiss medical technologies, which offer a temporary but highly effective treatment of knee osteoarthritis. A treatment course with this Hyaluronic acid based gel, will restore mobility and reduce the pain and discomfort in the patient’s joint, offering a higher quality of life for up to 6 months. The HA gel is completely safe and is proven to be effective in boosting the condition of the joints.

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Osteoarthritis is, unfortunately, a common problem with people of age and sometimes even younger people, as well. This is a painful and unpleasant condition that affects the life of the patient in a multitude of ways. The negative effects include:

  • Pain
  • Join inflammation
  • Reduced mobility
  • A sense of stiffness in the joints

In its more extreme forms the condition can even lead to bone deformation and join degradation. The traditional way to treat Osteoarthritis, which most often presents itself in the area of the knee joints, is via surgery. However, this is a risky and not necessarily effective way of treatment. The alternative? Optivisc.

The Optivisc line of injectable viscosupplements are based on Hyaluronic acid. They are a type of clear gel, quite similar to the dermal fillers used in cosmetics, which is injected into the knee area and offers almost immediate alleviation of knee Osteoarthritis symptoms. With the help of the HA, the levels of Synovial fluid are restored, the Synovium inflammation is soothed and the gel itself folms a protective film over the joints. It improves the shock resistance and at the same time – vastly reduces the friction which causes discomfort and pain.

The Optivisc Hyaluronic acid gel is completely bio-degradable and bio-compatible. The base substance is derived via bio-fermentation and being natural to the human body, as well, does not have any adverse bio-effects.

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