Elasty G Plus – Double Pack (2 x 1ml)


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  • Elasty G Plus – Double Pack (2 x 1ml)

    Original price was: €74.06.Current price is: €67.00.

    Elasty G Plus is a dermal filler for those that are looking for overall correction and augmentation of the facial contour and specific facial features, all in a single box. A double package of contouring fillers, this special Hyaluronic gel from Dongbang Medical Co., Ltd. Is the necessary tool to improve the shape and volume of multiple areas of the face within a single procedure. The quality of the Elasty G Plus filler is guaranteed by the special PNET technology its HA gel is manufactured by, resulting in very long-term facial contour improvements.

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  • Gana HA Body Filler (50ml)

    Original price was: €345.00.Current price is: €280.00.

    GANA HA Body by GANA R&D is a top-grade body filler that improves the contour of the body. The cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid in its formula, adds volume under the skin. By doing so, it enhances the appearance of the hips and the buttocks, for instance. Also, it has the unique power to remove deep scars for up to 24 months.

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  • GANA V Line – 10 vials x 5ml

    Original price was: €212.26.Current price is: €191.00.

    To rejuvenate, contour and brighten the skin in the V line zone of the face, experienced cosmetic surgeons now rely on GANA V line – a top-performing fat-resolving product produced by GANA R&D and distributed by us, from Dermal Cosmetics. It provides a quick and painless facial contouring treatment that takes no more than several minutes to perform but can offer durable and natural-looking fat-burning results paired with effective skin whitening and aesthetically-appealing wrinkle reduction.

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  • GC Laennec Injection (JBP Alternative)

    Original price was: €755.00.Current price is: €612.00.

    Laennec is a truly advanced anti-aging product. It is a safe human placenta extract that, when injected into the skin, has impressive skin rejuvenation properties. It is sold by Dermal Cosmetics and produced in GreenCross Wellbeing (in partnership with JBP). It has been perfectly sterilized, thoroughly tested and carefully manufactured to ensure optimal anti-aging results and minimal adverse effects.

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  • Liporase Hyaluronidase – 10 vials

    Original price was: €105.66.Current price is: €86.00.

    Korea-made Hyaluronidase injectable Liporase breaks down Hyaluronic Acid skin fillers almost immediately. It offers the easiest, safest and most painless way to dissolve this type of cosmetic rejuvenation products when they have been poorly administered or have caused an adverse reaction such as Tyndall effect, lip overfilling, etc. When it is added to a professional-grade lipolysis injection, patients enjoy faster and better fat-melting results.

    Available in the first week of June

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  • Neobella (ex. Kabelline) Contouring Serum – 5 x 8ml

    Original price was: €132.08.Current price is: €107.00.

    Instant fat reduction, correction of double chin, treatment of localized fat deposits… these are some of the effects of premium-quality lipolytic product Neobella. Much like Kabelline, this NewFace Laboratories’ product safely improves the contour of the face by effectively getting rid of fat around the mandible. It stimulates the body’s metabolism to quickly tackle lipids in the belly, hips, upper arms, thighs and more. If that sounds good to you, order now via Dermal Cosmetics.

    Available on June 25th

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  • Revofil Fine – 1 x 1ml

    Original price was: €62.00.Current price is: €50.00.

    One of the best Korean dermal fillers targeting superficial wrinkles and skin lines, the Revofil Fine make all the difference by combining Hyaluronic acid and peptides. Its manufacturer, Caregen, is word famous are one of the leaders in peptide based cosmetics and mesotherapy products. Combining the two allows the Revofil Fine filler to have a much more profound and durable effect as a method of anti-age therapy.

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  • Revofil Plus – 1 x 1ml

    Original price was: €62.00.Current price is: €56.00.

    One of the most potent deep wrinkle removal and lip augmentation fillers on the market, Revofil Plus offers an unmatched level of efficiently when it comes to both skin depression filling and adding lip volume. Vastly improving the effect of the gel by adding peptides in the mix, this HA filler has a much higher than average duration, when compared to “medium” fillers in the same class.

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