Jalupro Super Hydro SkinBooster (1 x 2,5 ml)

Jalupro Super Hydro SkinBooster (1 x 2,5 ml)


Jalupro est une marque associée au rajeunissement complet et durable de la peau grâce à des solutions à base d'acide hyaluronique. Le Jalupro Super Hydro ne fait pas exception à cette règle. En ce qui concerne l'hydratation de la peau, il s'agit du mélange parfait d'AH, d'acides aminés et de peptides pour lutter contre le vieillissement cutané prématuré, les peaux endommagées par le soleil ou tout autre problème lié à la peau dû à des facteurs environnementaux qui provoqueraient un affaissement ou la formation de rides.

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Jalupro Super Hydro is one of the gold standard products for skin hydration. Blurring the line between mesotherapy and skin fillers (as most skinboosters do, really), if harnesses the power of purified Hyaluronic acid and combines it with seven specially selected amino acids, mixed with three skin rejuvenating peptides. Combined, they amplify the overall skin healing and rejuvenating effect.

As a result, the patient’s skin will regain smoothness, softness and elasticity, while at the same time becoming firmer and better toned. Moisture levels in the skin are the most important factor when it comes to its health and appearance and Jalupro Super Hydro addresses any skin hydration related issues directly.

Thorough Skin Hydration

Hyaluronic acid naturally plays a vital role in the process of skin hydration. As the skin ages the amount of HA in it rapidly decreases, reducing its ability to retain moisture. In order to balance that out, a nutrient solution line the Jalupro Super Hydro must be introduces to supply the necessary amount of Hyaluron.

Reversing the Aging Process

While adding Ha to the skin will have a swift effect, extending the duration of its beneficial effect is only possible when combined with the right extra ingredients, in this case in the form of peptides and amino acids. Overall elasticity and smoothness improvements are guaranteed.

Several Highlights:

  • Super Hydro another highly effective Sodium Hyaluronate based solution from the Jaulpro brand.
  • Offers not only long-term skin rejuvenation but also immediate wrinkle and superficial skin line alleviation.
  • Makes the skin firmer, but still more elastic and smoothly textured
  • This is an effective, non-invasive anti-age therapy tool and one of the best skinboosters on the market.
  • Results are guaranteed to last and repeated treatment over time will enhance the overall skin condition for an extended period.

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