Hyafilia Classique (1 x 1ml)


Hyafilia Classique (1 x 1ml)


Lorsqu'il s'agit de produits de comblement cutané, la qualité est importante. En ce qui concerne le remplissage des lèvres, c'est absolument primordial. Hyafilia Classis fournit aux dermatologues et à leurs patients un outil pour booster la forme et le volume naturels des lèvres avec des résultats beaux et naturels garantis. Avec l'aide de ce gel injectable HA, fabriqué à partir d'acide hyaluronique réticulé BDDE, les patients peuvent profiter de lèvres plus pulpeuses pendant une période allant jusqu'à six mois.

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La description

The first thing that sets Hyafilia Classis from a lot of lip fillers on the market is that its Hyaluronic acid gel is crosslinked (HA + BDDE). In its natural state, HA is unstable and expires in the body fast as a result of the enzymes activity. Hyafilia fillers, instead, use a synthetic version of the substance, which is purified and completely safe, in a crosslinked form, which make is far more resistant to the metabolism. Once injected, the filler should have little problem to remain in place, improving the patient’s looks for up to six months.

How is Hyafilia Classis used?

This is an injectable lip filler that comes pre-filled in a syringe (1ml). The concentration of the HA in the gel is 20mg/ml and it can be used directly by the doctor, without any additional repparations – the box comes with a couple of injection needles and the cosmetic product can be administered directly. The injection of the filler in the lips takes 15-30 minutes and doesn’t require downtime.

Areas that can be injected:

  • Lèvres
  • Marionette lines
  • Glabellar lines
  • Menton
  • Lignes du front

This is primarily a lip filler. Hyafilia Classic can greatly improve the shape of the patient’s lips, add move volume and improve their overall appearance. Further, the filler is soft enough to fill moderately deep skin lines, like Marionette lines, and deal with not-too-deep wrinkles.

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