Hyafilia Grand (1x1ml)


Hyafilia Grand (1x1ml)


Hyafilia Grand est un produit de comblement sculptant de haute qualité qui peut offrir un moyen rapide et sans douleur d'améliorer les traits naturels du visage du patient, sans se résoudre à un traitement invasif tel que la chirurgie plastique. Ce gel HA épais et injectable peut considérablement améliorer la forme de zones telles que le menton ou les pommettes, ajouter le volume nécessaire aux joues ou même être utilisé pour une rhinoplastie mineure, tout en offrant une apparence naturelle jusqu'à six mois.

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La description

The key word when describing the Hyafilia Grand facial sculpting filler is stability. Normal HA disappears fast, dissolved by the natural metabolism processes. This filler has a very stable and resistant gel structure, the direct result of crosslinking Hyaluronic acid with BDDE. Not only will the filler last longer, once injected, but the gel itself will neither shift, nor change shape. This effect is further helped by the quite large average grain size of 1100μm. The filler is thick and has just the right viscoelasticity to look indistinguishably natural when used to sculpt the jawline or the chin, for example.

Why go with Hyafilia Grand?

The filler market is  quite saturated. What makes the Hyafilia Grand HA filler stand out? We can list a few reasons:

  • Gives a natural look
  • Very stable once injected
  • Easily resists the enzyme activity for half an year
  • Versatile application – chin, jawline, cheekbones, cheeks
  • Excellent price to performance ratio

Further, as opposed to plastic surgery, using a sculpting filler is much cheaper, much less painful and with less discomfort, involves not downtime and most importantly – is not permanent. The filler will safely dissolve over a period of half a year, meaning that even if the patient is unhappy with the result or wishes to make changes, they are free to do so. Injection of the Hyafilia Grand takes less than half an hour, with everything necessary already in the box (pre-filled syringe and two needles) and is completely safe if done by a trained dermatologist or plastic surgeon.

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