Hyafilia Grand Plus Lidocaïne (1 x 1 ml)


Hyafilia Grand Plus Lidocaïne (1 x 1 ml)


À réduire visiblement l'apparence des rides profondes et plis, les patients ont maintenant une alternative aux procédures chirurgicales invasives - HyaFilia Grand de CHA Meditech avec Lidocaine Plus. Comme une injection de remplissage à base de HA de qualité supérieure distribué par Dermal Cosmetics, il élimine immédiatement les rides tenaces des couches profondes de la peau (ex : sillons nasogéniens, rides d'expression, rides entre les yeux, etc.).

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    La description

    • HA concentration: 20mg/ml
    • Average grain size of HA gel: 1,100µm
    • Injection depth: subcutaneous tissue or deep dermis
    • In the box: pre-filled single-use syringe and two needles

    Ingredients and concentration

    The special thing about this risk-free anti-aging product is that it has a hybrid structure allowing it to deliver the benefits of both mono and biphasic dermal fillers, i.e. a smooth and easy injection combined with long-lasting cosmetic rejuvenation effects. The main active ingredient in HyaFilia Grand with Lidocaine Plus is quality Hyaluronic Acid of a non-animal origin. This substance is naturally occurring in the human body, making it entirely biocompatible. Once injected under the skin, it has an instant filling and volumizing effect that swiftly reduces the appearance of deep wrinkles and folds on the face, neck, back of the hands and the décolleté areas. Also found in this product is local anesthetic Lidocaine which ensures a pain-free treatment experience for patients.

    Patients suitable for treatment with HyaFilia Grand with Lidocaine Plus

    Men and women can both benefit from a non-surgical skin rejuvenating treatment with this professional-grade soft-tissue filler. To qualify for this innovative anti-aging procedure, patients must be 21 and over. Those who are suffering from skin inflammation, blood clotting condition or are taking blood-thinning medications, are not good candidates for treatment with HyaFilia Grand with Lidocaine Plus. The same goes for women who are breastfeeding or pregnant. Aside from those patient groups, this product is safe and harmless.

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