Dermalax PLUS (1 × 1,1 ml)


Dermalax PLUS (1 × 1,1 ml)


Dermalax Plus est un produit de comblement cutané idéal lorsqu'il s'agit d'éliminer les rides superficielles. Ses particules d'acide hyaluronique (AH) ont une concentration modérée qui suffit juste à combler les rides et ridules superficielles mais pas trop pour empêcher les patients de profiter d'un aspect naturel. Il est même optimisé pour un traitement sans douleur et il peut être utilisé sur différentes zones du visage.

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    La description

    Contents and ingredients

    • 20mg/ml – concentration of Hyaluronic Acid
    • 30% – lidocaine concentration
    • 27G needle
    • 1ml prefilled disposable syringe (2 in every package)

    How is Dermalax Plus used?

    Dermalax Plus is injected into the superficial layer of the skin. This is a procedure that does not require any special preparations or skin tests because it is rather quick (10-20 minutes) and also because the product itself is free of animal-based ingredients. Still, every stage of the treatment needs to be executed by a professional cosmetic surgeon. The HA in the composition in this revolutionary soft-tissue filler will add volume when applied under the skin which will reduce and correct the appearance of fine lines formed on:

    • The forehead
    • Around the corners of the eyes (periorbital)
    • Around the mouth (perioral)
    • Between the eyebrows

    How many sessions are required for it to work?

    It should be noted that Dermalax Plus, like all other HA skin fillers, does not provide permanent or semi-permanent results. It is completely biodegraded by the body which means that repeat sessions are to be appointed if the patient wishes to preserve the therapy’s effects. Results will be delivered during the very first session and will last for several months (up to a year).

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